Some of Our Feature Credits Include

  • Dances with Wolves                  Kevin Costner
  • The Untouchables                      Ray Hartwick
  • Casino                                       Georgia Kacandes
  • Twister                                       Ian Bryce
  • Mississippi Burning                    Alan Parker
  • Broadcast News                        James L. Brooks
  • A few Good Men                        Rob Reiner
  • Steel Magnolias                          Herbert Ross
  • Jerry Maguire                             Tom Cruise
  • Contact                                      Joan Bradshaw
  • The X Files Movie                       Lata Ryan
  • Cast Away                                  Cherylanne Martin
  • Grosse Point Blank                     Donna Roth/Susan Arnold
  • Patch Adams                               Tom Shadyac
  • Jack                                            Francis Ford Coppola
  • What Lies Beneath                     Joan Bradshaw
  • Road to Perdition                        Cherylanne Martin
  • America’s Sweetheart                  Charles Newirth
  • Master and Commander               Duncan Henderson
  • Galaxy Quest                               Allegra Clegg
  • Bruce Almighty                             Tom Shadyac
  • The Last Samurai                        Tom Cruise
  • Big Fish                                       Arne Schmidt
  • Spanglish                                     Joan Bradshaw
  • Stranger than Fiction                   Karyn McCarthy
  • Mission Impossible 1,2,3             Tom Cruise
  • Zodiac                                        Danny Stillman.
  • Oceans 13                                  Fred Brost
  • Rush Hour 1,2,3                         Bret Ratner
  • Benjamin Button                        David Fincher
  • First Sunday                              Neil Maklis
  • Twilight                                      Craig Cannold
  • Taking Woodstock                     Michael Hausman
  • Transformers II                         Ian Bryce
  • Valakyre                                   Tom Cruise
  • Alice in Wonderland                 Tommy Harper
  • Yes Man                                   Marty Ewing
  • Social Network                        David Fincher/Cean Chafin
  • Bridesmaids                             Clayton Townsend
  • The Green Lantern                   Herb Gaines
  • Twixt                                        Francis Ford Coppola
  • Dragon Tattoo                          Cean Chafin
  • We bought a Zoo                     Ilona Hertzberg
  • Autumn Frost                           Gregor Wilson
  • Flight 7500                              Tracy McGrath
  • Savages                                 Todd Arnow
  • Oblivion                                  Duncan Henderson

Many more available upon request

Recent projects include

 Django Unchained                              James W. Skotchdopol

 August Osage County                         Celia Costas

 Baggage Claim                                  Jenny Hinkey

 Broken Horses                                   Danny Stillman / Allen Kupetski

 Charles Swann III                              Darren Demetre

Charitable Events

March of Dimes Walk                    by Northrop Grumman

Westside Children’s Center

Commercial Credits

RSA:          Annual Marlboro, University of Phoenix, Allstate,

                 Kia, Lubriderm, Pennzoil, Bausch and Lomb

Visitor:                                Burger King

Independent Media:              Dasani

Pytka:                                 IBM, Burger King

Radical Media:                      Taco Bell